I just signed up- Now What?

I just signed up- Now What?

For All Contracts

  • Your trial is set for 15 days.  This gives us the opportunity to get your account ready.  Please contact us within 15 days if you have any questions, concerns or if you would like any reporting.  Click Here to Email us any questions.
  • Your first invoice and charge is essentially for getting your plans setup to use for your business
  • Your first regular monthly charge will be charged as soon as we have your account set up, typically 2 weeks-one month from the sign up date
  • Our contracts are for a term of not less than 12 months starting on your second invoice date (first regular monthly charge), and they automatically renew every 12 months.
  • Your contract automatically renews every six months starting from the date of your first regular monthly invoice.
  • Your credit card or ACH will be charged every monthly, but your contract is always in 12 month intervals.
  • You may cancel at any time, but your contract is always for six months at a time.  Your cancellation will become effective at the end of your current 12 month contract.
  • You will be responsible for all payments, regardless of if your credit card is sucessfully processed.
  • The only way to cancel your account is by completing this form.
  • Click Here to Email us any questions.

If you signed up for any of our plans

  • We will begin working on your account very soon.
  • We will email you once you are showing on Google per our Guarantee.
  • If you are not showing up on our Google Page One Plan per our Guarantee, you will be issued credit of up to $40 per week, based on your contract rate.
  • Click Here to Email us any questions.

If you signed up for one of our Texting plans

  • Click on this link to InCrowd Texting, and Follow the instructions to register your account.
  • After your account is registered, someone will contact you within 2-7 business days to get your account activated and assist you with training.
  • Click Here to Email us any questions.

If you signed up for our Coupon plan

Click on this link to YourTVAds.com, and register as a site user.

  • Your coupon page will be created based on images provided or found on the internet or from stock photos.
  • We will get your account set up on your behalf and email you the access information for updating coupons.
  • You will have your own coupon web page and back office to make changes.
  • If you recieved this plan for free with our Google Page One plan, and you cancel the Google Page One plan, you must sign up for and pay for our coupon plan or your texting account will be cancelled.
  • Click Here to Email us any questions.

If you signed up to have a website built

  • We will take the information you have submitted and begin working on an initial design.
  • Initial designs usually require 10-30 days. We will email you if we have any questions or when your initial design is complete.
  • You will be shown the website and may request changes at this time.
  • Your hosting, domain, and privacy plan must be active during the design phase, in order for us to keep your website on our servers.
  • Your website, designs, and domain are property of Netsurf Advertising, LLC. Any information or images you provide us become our property to use as desired.
  • Your hosting, domain, and privacy is also discounted from the normal rate of $50 per month. If you cancel your Google Page One contract and would like to keep your website, you must pay the difference between any coupons used and the current standard website rate at the time of cancellation. You must also pay the normal rate of $50 per month for hosting, domain name, and privacy.
  • Click Here to Email us any questions.